Stainless Steel Decorative Cookie Press And Icing Set


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Stainless steel decorative cookie press and icing bakeware set
A cookie stamper and icing gun in one deluxe package! It’s all you need to make bakery-fresh biscuits and professional cake decorations.
Includes 8 stainless steel icing nozzles and 13 stainless steel biscuit cutter templates, all packed in a handy storage container.
You just need to simply insert a shaped disc, fill the barrel with dough and tighten the plunger rod, you will get cookies from squeeze of the trigger instead of rolling pin.
Makes it possible for you to make your own beautiful cakes or cookies. Great for icing, piping and general decoration for cake, cookie, cream, chocolate, pastry, etc.
What comes in Box.
1 x Decorative cookie press
13x cookie pattern disc
8x nozzles


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