Toothpaste Squeezing Device


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Toothpaste Squeezing Device designed for convenience, hygiene and economic use of toothpaste in the bathroom.

How To Use:
Paste it on your glass or tile;
Insert the toothpaste – For first time use you need to manually export the toothpaste tube, the vacuum discharges
Inserted the toothbrush to activate press plates, toothpaste outflow

-A must item in every bathroom
-Preventing the direct contact between the bristles and the mouth of toothpaste tube, thus it is more hygienic for your family
-Minimizes the waste of toothpaste
-Uses vacuum principle for dispensing, no electrical power needed
-Keep your bathroom tidy and clean
-Can simultaneously released five toothbrush with holder
-Come with an attached adhesive pad for mounting
-Compact and easy to install on the surface or wall
-One-touch method – simple, convenient and easy to use